Ebonyshadow N Shapali's Dekker - "DEKKER"

Grey & White Male with Brown Eyes Born: 26 May 05 ACVO: Clear 3 Sep 05 CERF: SH-8102

Sire: BISS Can Ukc Gr BIS Ch Shapali's Invitation To Indaba - "Indaba"

Dam: Can Ch Ebonyshadows Alpine Mist - "Cola"

Candids below from 4 Feb 07, just over 20 months, visiting Shapali!

Candids below from 23 Oct, just about 5 months old at Shapali!

8 week portrait!

                    Am Can Ch Aurluk's Nikita Sunrise - OFA Excellent CERF 1996
          BIS BISS Am Can Intl Ch Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm - OFA Good SHOR 1997
                    Can Ch Octobersun's Stormwarning Echo - OFA Excellent ACVO 1993
Natl 02 BISS Can Ukc BIS Gr Ch Shapali's Invitation To Indaba - OFA Excellent CERF 2002
                    Am Can Ch Ice's Cardium Andalusite - OFA Excellent ACVO 1994
          Can Ukc BIS Ch Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar - OFA Good CERF 2002
                    Can Ch Blueridge-Soma's Cardium Kyanite - OFA No ACVO No
EBONYSHADOW N SHAPALI'S DEKKER Can Ch Snowmist's Settin' The Pace - OFA Good BIS Can Am Ch Crystalice Snowmist The Sting Janmor's Dark Crystal Can Ch Ebonyshadow's Alpine Mist - OFA Excellent CERF SH-7984 BIS Int Am Can Ch Runaway Of Artic-Sun BPIS Can Ch Snowmists Icicle D'Ebonyshadow - OFA Excellent CERF 2005 BISS Can Ch Snowmist's Escapade - OVC CERT #018062 ACVO 5/2003

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