Shapali has frozen semen on the following males. At times, fresh chilled could be available. Inquires always welcome!

Thai Ch Natl BPISS Can Ch Shapali's Casanova Cowboy
- "Cowboy" -
Ofa Excellent Cerf SH-8587 Shor S-11038

Sire: Natl AOM Am Ch Huskavarna's Four On The Floor - Sterling
Dam: Am Can Ukc MBIS Gr Ch Shapali's Quick Quiver - Quiver

"Cowboy" now resides in Thailand.

Group Placing Thai Can Ch Andaluz Aspen Shapali
- "Andaluz" -
Ofa Excellent Cerf SH-8668 Shor S-11125

Sire: BIS RBIS BISS Grand Costa Rica Intl Latin Am Ch Kristariís Dunkan or Lancelot - Duncan
Dam: BPIS Costa Rican Gr CH Nicaraguan CH Shapaliís Tremendous Treasure - Treasure

"Andaluz" now resides in Thailand.

MBVIS MBIS MRBIS Phil Can Ch Hall of Fame Shapali's Unequivocal Umiak
- "Umiak" -
Ofa Good Cerf SH-7814 Shor S-10710

Sire: Can Ukc BIS Ch Innisfree's The Specialist - Stallone
Dam: Can Ukc Ch Shapali's Remembering Romance - Roma

"Umiak" now resides in the Philippines.

Can Ukc BIS Ch Snoknight's Magical Twist
- "Merlin" -
Ofa Excellent Cerf SH-7985 Shor S-10714 Chic 29187

Sire: Can Ch Tombstone's Red dawn At Chakka
Dam: Benden's Mystic Ghost

"Merlin" now resides in Hong Kong.

MBPIG Can Ch Tangotara Bisbal-At-Shapali
- "Bisbal" -
Cerf SH-7986 Shor S-10756

Sire: BIS BISS Am Can Ch Chrisdon's Distant Thunder - "Boomer"
Dam: BISJ BISSJ Galadhrim Della Farha - "Gala"

"Bisbal" now resides in France.

BIS Thai Can Ch Ebonyshadow N Shapali's Fierro
- "Fierro" -
Ofa Excellent Cerf SH 8659 Shor S-10996

Sire: MBIS MRBIS Phil Can Ch Shapali's Unequivocal Umiak - "Umiak"
Dam: Can Ch Ebonyshadows Auburn Haze - "Nikki"

"Fierro" now resides in Thailand.

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