American Canadian United Kennel Club MBIS MRBIS Grand Champion

Shapali's Quick Quiver



Shapali JJ Litter

Sire: Group Placing Thailand & Canadian Champion
Andaluz Aspen Shapali - "Andaluz"
Imported from COSTA RICA, now resides in THAILAND

Born 15 Feb 2008 - listed in birth order below!

  • Shapali's Jubilant Joelee - Joelee

  • Thailand Pointed
    Shapali's Jetsetting Jipsi - Jipsi

  • Shapali's Jumping Jillian - Jillian

Shapali EE Litter

Sire: Multiple Best Puppy In Group Canadian Champion
Tangotara Bisbal-At-Shapali - "Bisbal"
Imported from SPAIN, now resides in FRANCE

Born 28 Jul 2006 - listed in birth order below!

  • Shapali's Eloquent Electra - Electra

  • Canadian Champion
    Shapali N Ebonyshadow's Ease E - Easy

  • Shapali's Electrifying Eikon - Eikon

  • Shapali's Ediko Engagement - Ediko

  • Canadian Champion Group Placing BPIG
    Shapali's Empirical Emblem - Emblem

  • Canadian Show Pointed
    Shapali's Elaborate Empire - Empire

Shapali CC Litter

Sire: American Champion Natl AOM Multi AOM
Huskavarna's Four On The Floor - "Sterling"
Resides in the USA

Born 28 December 2005 - listed in birth order below!

  • Holland Champion and Junior Champion Multi Group Placing
    Shapali's Champagne Charmer - "Charm" - Holland

  • Shapali's Capricorn Cocktail - "Capri" - United States

  • Thailand Champion Natl BPISS SHCC MBPIG Group Placing Canadian Champion
    Shapali's Casanova Cowboy - "Cowboy" - Indonesia

  • Philippine Champion
    Shapali N Southwoods Cayenne - "Cayenne" - Philippines

Shapali W Litter

Sire: Canadian Champion Ukc BIS Champion
Innisfree's The Specialist - "Stallone"
Imported from USA, now resides in SPAIN

Born 29 July 2004 - listed in birth order below!

  • Canadian Best Puppy In Show
    Shapali's Winged Whisper - "Whisper" - Canada

  • Thailand Kennel Club Pointed
    Shapali's Wheaten Wendigo - "Wendigo" - Thailand

  • BIS MRBIS Philippine Gr Ch Hall Of Fame
    Shapali's Winter Wonderland - "Winter" - Philippines

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