62 Bred By Shapali Champions

Below is a list of some of the Champions that Shapali has produced. To view their own pages, click on any underlined name. And at the bottom, is a list of other Siberians that Shapali has finished!
Listing is most recent shown first! Note: Ckc is Canadian Kennel Club, Akc is American Kennel Club and Ukc is United Kennel Club.

Canadian Champion Shapali's Bonus Bling Bling -

MBPIS Philippines Champion Shapali N Ascon's Bouncing Beat -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Passionate Poet -

Thailand Champion Shapali's Notable Notty Notion -

BPIS Canadian Champion Shapali's Wonderous Wookie -

BPIG Canadian Champion Shapali's Vain Vagabond Vamp -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Kickin To The Kurb -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Qualitative Quianna -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Tic Tac Toe -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Live N Let Live -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Glamorous Geisha -

Philippines Canadian Champion Shapali's Labour Of Love Loggi -

Thailand Champion Shapali's Xtreme Xcellence -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Irridescent Izzibell -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Zirconium Zenn -

Canadian Champion Shapali's Empirical Emblem -

Canadian Champion Shapali N Ebonyshadow's Ease E -

MBIS BISS China Canadian MBPIG Ch Shapali's Zanzibar Zappa -

Spanish Champion Shapali's Zinfandel Zuki -

Korean Champion Shapali's Unforgettable Una -

Korean Champion Shapali's Tons Of Torque -

Holland Junior Champion Shapali's Champagne Charmer -

Philippines Ch Shapali N Southwoods Cayenne -

Thailand Canadian Ch Natl BPISS MBPIG Shapali's Casanova Cowboy -

Canadian Ch Shapali's Xclusive Xpose -

South African Ch Shapali's Ultimately Uxanna Of Sanfranica -

MBIS Philippines Ch Canadian Ch Shapali's Unequivocal Umiak -

RBIS Philippine Gr Ch Shapali's Winter Wonderland -

Nicaraguan Ch Costa Rican BPIS Shapali's Tremendous Treasure -

BPIG Canadian Ch Shapali's Tangerine Twist -

BIS BPIS Chilean Jr Ch Shapali's Rhythm Of The Rain -

BPIS Canadian BJIS BPIS Thai Ch Shapali N Amity's Rant N Rave -

Canadian Ukc Ch Shapali's Remembering Romance -

BPIG Canadian Ch Shapali N Kopperhead's Rad Ryak -

Multiple BISS American Ch Shapali's Quazar Quest -

Phil Ch Shapali N Startrek's QT Queue -

Am BPIG Canadian MBIS MRBIS Ukc Gr Ch Shapali's Quick Quiver -

BPIS Canadian RBIS Ukc BPIS BPISS Thai Ch Shapali's Phantom Phoebe -

American Ch Shapali's Painted Pandemonium -

Phil Ch Shapali N Startrek's Pyromaniac -

Canadian Ch Shapali's Octane Operated Oren -

Canadian Ukc Ch Shapali's Maca Damian Maui -

Canadian Ch Shapali's Keeper Of The Heart -

BPISS Canadian Phil BIS Ch Shapali's Mistress Kalista -

Canadian Ch Shapali N Shaika's Justin Time -

NATL BISS Multi BPIS Can Ukc BIS Ch Shapali's Invitation To Indaba -

NATL BISS Multi Ph BIS Ph Gr Ch Can Ch Shapali's Igloo Illusion -

Canadian Ukc RBIS Ch Shapali's Impulsive Poison Ivy -

Multi BPIS Can Ch Shapali's Giv An Inch Go Miles -

Canadian Ukc Ch Shapali's Intriqued By Shanda -

Canadian Ch Shapali's The Instigator -

BISS Multi BPIS Danish Ch Shapali's Ishtar Infatuation -

Canadian Ukc BIS Ch Shapali's Winterberry Ilex -

BISS Thai Can Ch Shapali's Gray Son Of Deiter -

Canadian Ch Shapali's The Great One -

Canadian Ch Shapali's Firestarter In Flite -

Canadian Ch Shapali's No Fear Ferguson -

Multi Ph BIS Gr Ch Can Ch Shapali's Fanatical Flirtation -

Multi BPIS Can Ch Shapali's Espree Of Essence -

Canadian Ch Shapali's Diversified Division -

Akc Can BIS Multi BPIS Ch Shapali's Deiter Declaration -

BPIS Can Ch Shapali's Lonesome Lady Bailey -

OTHER Siberians Titled by Shapali!

22 Champions Shown and/or Owned at some point by or at Shapali from other Breeders!

Canadian Champion Promesas Shapali Cico -

MBPIG Canadian Champion Promesas Shapali Cika -

Thailand Canadian Champion Andaluz Aspen Shapali -

Canadian Champion Anoranza Red Roadster -

BIS Thai Can Champion Ebonyshadow N Shapali's Fierro -

Canadian Champion Snoknight's Drops O'Jupiter -

BPIS Multi BPIG Can Ch Ebonyshadow's Ellie Mae -

Multi BPIG Can Ch Tangotara's Bisbal-At-Shapali -

Indian Ch Snoknight's Princess Whatsername -

Ukc Ch Snoknight's Cinnamon Girl -

Canadian Ukc BIS Ch Snoknight's Magical Twist -

Canadian Ch Avalanch's Quianyein Ling -

Indian Champion Canadian Ch Kaliya N Shapali's Mr Martini -

Canadian Ukc Ch Kaliya N Shapali's Miss Mira -

Canadian Ukc BIS Ch Innisfree's The Specialist -

Canadian Ch Des-Mar's Harvest Cache -

Canadian Ch Des-Mar's Proud Mary -

Canadian Ch Des-Mar N Shapali's Lil Piper -

Canadian Ch Sarabe's Bleau Suede Shoes -

Canadian Ch Tobotuk's Boomerang Shapali -

Canadian Ch Scimitara's That's Mai Style -

Canadian Ukc MBIS Ch Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar -

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