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Born: 23 Feb 07 Cerf: SH-8747 Acvo: 25 March 2008

Ofa: Too Young Ckc#: TC135691

Sire: Natl BPISS MBPIG Can Ch Shapali's Casanova Cowboy - "Cowboy"

Dam: Can Ch Karnovanda's Minerva II - "Minnie"

Photos: 22 July 2008 - 17 Months and Out of Coat!

Photos: 25 March 2008!

Photos: 13 February 2008!

Photos: 8 August 07!

Photos: 19 Jul 07!

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BISS Am Ch Innisfree's Chips Ahoy - OFA Excellent SHOR S-7169 Am Ch Huskavarna's Four On The Floor - OFA Excellent CERF SH-7738 Am SA Ch Foxfire's Rain Dancer - OFA Good CERF SH-7275 Natl BPISS MBPIG CAN CH SHAPALI'S CASANOVA COWBOY - "COWBOY" Can Natl 02 BISS Can Ukc BIS Gr Ch Shapali's Invitation To Indaba - OFA Excellent CERF SH-7470 SHOR S-8186 Am Can Ukc BIS Gr Ch Shapali's Quick Quiver - OFA Good CERF SH-7475 SHOR S-10213 Can Ch Des-Mar's Harvest Cache - OFA Excellent CERF SH-7477 SHOR S-8180 SHAPALI'S GUARANTEED GOSSIP - "GOSSIP" BIS BISS Am Ch Kontoki's Dennis The Menace BISS Am Ch Karnovanda's Born On The Fourth Karnovanda Lightning Strike CAN CH KARNOVANDA'S MINERVA II - "MINNIE" BISS Am Ch Tymberlyne's Echo Call Vegas Karnovanda's Fortissimo Karnovanda's Askala Felena

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Breeder: Lisa A. Amos - Shapali Siberians