CAN UKC RBIS CH Shapali's Impulsive Poison Ivy


OFA Excellent CERF Number: SH-7473 ACVO Clear: 11 Feb 06


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Sired By: Ckc Ukc BIS Ch Snoknight's Magical Twist
OFA Excellent CERF Number: SH-7985

Shapali AA Litter

Shapali's Asia Anastasia - "Asia" - Canada - ACVO Clear 11 Feb 06

Shapali N Arnia's Aslan - "Aslan" - Canada

Shapali's Amorous Astra - "Astra" - Canada - ACVO Clear 11 Feb 06

Shapali's Alouette Alixor - "Alix" - Canada

Shapali's Adventuress Amy - "Amy" - Canada - ACVO Clear 11 Feb 06

SHAPALI SIBERIANS Litter BORN 15 November 2003
Sired By: Ckc Ukc BIS Ch Innisfree's The Specialist
OFA Excellent CERF Number: SH-7816

Shapali T Litter

Canadian Pointed Shapali's True To Temptation - "Toy" - Canada

Loving Pet Shapali's Tennessee Talker - "Talker" - Canada

Korean Pointed Shapali's Tons Of Torque - "Torque" - Korea

Loving Pet Shapali's Total Trippin Tango - "Tango" - Canada

Nicaraguan Ch Costa Rican BPIS Ch Shapali's Tremendous Treasure - "Treasure" - Costa Rica

Canadian Multi BPIG Ch Ukc Pointed Shapali's Tangerine Twist - "Tangee" - Australia

SHAPALI SIBERIANS Litter BORN 10 December 2001
Sired By: Ckc Ch Sarabe's Bleau Suede Shoes
SHOR Number: S-8181/01-15

Shapali P Litter

Loving Pet Shapali's Pristine Princess - "Priss" - Canada

Multi BIS BPIS Thai Can Ukc Ch Shapali's Phantom Phoebe - "Phoebe" - Thailand

American Champion Shapali's Painted Pandemonium - "Paint" - United States

Philippino Champion Shapali N Startreks Pyromaniac - "Pyro" - Canada

Loving Pet Shapali's Priceless Pleasure - "Price" - Canada

Loving Pet Shapali's Precious Present Pia - "Pia" - Canada

Breeder/Owner/Handler: Lisa A. Amos - Shapali Reg'd

Sire: Multi BIS BISS Am Can Intl Ch Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm

Dam: Multi Ukc BIS Can Ukc Ch Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar

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