Shapali's Jetsetting Jipsi


Born 15 February 2008!

Acvo: 21 February 2009 Cerf: SH-9031 Shor: S-11124 Ofa: Too Young

Sire: (Import Costa Rica) Andaluz Aspen Shapali - "Andaluz"

Dam: Am Can MBIS MRBIS Ukc Gr Ch Shapali's Quick Quiver - "Quiver"

"Jipsi" - Her first show weekend in Thailand - Oct 09 - CC and Reserve Best Of Breed!

"Jipsi" - Candids 18 Apr 09 - Playing in the mud at Shapali!

"Jipsi" - Candids 24 Nov 08 - Just over 9 months!

"Jipsi" - Candids 11 Sep 08 - Almost 7 months!

"Jipsi" - Candids 23 Aug 08 - Just over 6 months!

"Jipsi" - Candids 20 Jul 08 - Just over 5 months!

"Jipsi" - Candids 9 Jul 08 - Just under 5 months!

"Jipsi" - Candids 23 Jun 08 - Just over 4 months!

"Jipsi" - Pictures at just over 8 weeks!

"Jipsi" - Pictures at just over 7 weeks!

Girl #2 - Pictures at just over 6 weeks!

Girl #2 - Pictures at just over 5 weeks!

Girl #2 - Pictures at almost 4 weeks!

Girl #2 - Pictures at 8 days old!

Girl #2 - Pictures at 1 day old!

                        Am Can Ch Kalonik's Woodchip -  
              BISS Am Ch Innisfree's Chips Ahoy - OFA Excellent SHOR S-7169
                        Innisfree Designing Woman -  
Costa Rican Grand Ch Kristariís Dunkan of Lancelot - "Dunkan"
                        MBIS BISS Am Can Ch Kristari's Firechief O'Tahluu - OFA Good SHOR S-7010
              Am Ch Kristari's Kaitlin Of Anasazi - OFA Excellent SHOR S-10205
                        Am Spain Lux Pl Int Ch Kristari Solocha Ms Doubtfire - 
CAN CH ANDALUZ ASPEN SHAPALI - "Andaluz" - ACVO: Clear - September 2007 Imported From: Costa Rica
                        Am Can Ch Innisfree Golden Eye                        
               Can Ukc BIS Ch Innisfree's The Specialist - OFA Excellent CERF SH-7816 SHOR S-8019
               Innisfree's Joette
BPIS Costa Rican Gr CH Nicaraguan CH Shapaliís Tremendous Treasure - "Treasure" BISS BIS Am Can Intl Ch Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm - OFA Good SHOR S-7835 Can Ukc RBIS Ch Shapali's Impulsive Poison Ivy - OFA Excellent CERF SH-7473 SHOR S-7836 Can Ukc MBIS Ch Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar - OFA Good CERF SH-7848 SHOR S-7627 SHAPALI'S JETSETTING JIPSI - "JIPSI" Am Can Ch Aurluk's Nikita Sunrise - OFA Excellent CERF 1996 BIS BISS Am Can Intl Ch Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm - OFA Good SHOR S-7835 Can Ch Octobersun's Stormwarning Echo - OFA Excellent ACVO 1993 Can Natl 02 BISS Can Ukc BIS Gr Ch Shapali's Invitation To Indaba - OFA Excellent CERF SH-7470 SHOR S-8186 Am Can Ch Ice's Cardium Andalusite - OFA Excellent ACVO 1994 Can Ukc BIS Ch Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar - OFA Good CERF SH-7848 SHOR S-7627 Can Ch Blueridge-Soma's Cardium Kyanite - OFA No ACVO No Am Can Ukc MBIS MRBIS Gr Ch Shapali's Quick Quiver - OFA Good CERF SH-7475 SHOR S-10213 Am Intl Can Ch Des-Mar's Moonraker - OFA Good SHOR S-6018 Des-Mar's Harvest Moon - Am Pointed - OFA Good SHOR S-6744 Kossok's Just A Pretty Penny - OFA No SHOR S-5788 Can Ch Des-Mar's Harvest Cache - OFA Excellent CERF SH-7477 SHOR S-8180 Am Ch Des-Mar's Yakima - OFA Good SHOR S-5520 Am Ch Des-Mar's Anasazi - OFA Excellent SHOR S-5976 Des-Mar's Skrimshaw Huskyhill - OFA Good SHOR S-5623

Breeder: Shapali Siberians

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