Shapali's Kootenay Kayak


Grey and White Male with Brown Eyes

Arrived 7 March 2008

Sire: Group Winning Can Ch Ebonyshadow N Shapali's Fierro - "Fierro"

Dam: Can Ch Snoknight's Drops O'Jupiter - "Star"

Photos: 23 April 2008 - Just under 7 Weeks!

Photos: 16 April 2008 - Just under 6 Weeks!


- Grey and White Male - 4 Weeks - Photos: 5 April 2008!

Boy 1 - Grey and White - Photos: 30 March 2008!

Boy 1 - Grey and White - Photos: 22 March 2008!

Photos: 13 March 2008!

New Born

                             Am Can Ch Innisfree Golden Eye 
                    Can Ukc BIS Ch Innisfree's The Specialist (Spain)
                              Innisfree Joette
          MBIS MRBIS Phil Gr Ch Can Ch Shapali's Unequivocal Umiak (Philippines)
                              Natl BISS Can Ukc MBIS GR CH Shapali's Invitation To Indaba
                     Can Ukc Ch Shapali's Remembering Romance (Iceland)
                              Can Ukc Ch Des-Mar's Harvest Cache 
Group Winning Can Ch Ebonyshadow N Shapali's Fierro - CERF SH-8659 SHOR S-10996 
                              Can Ch Snowmist's Settin' The Pace
                    MBIS Can Am Crystalice Snowmist The Sting
                              Janmor's Dark Crystal
          Can Ch Ebonyshadows Auburn Haze 
                              Intl Can Ch Runaway of Artic-Sun CD
                    MBPIS Can Ch Snowmists Icicle D'Ebonyshadow
                             BISS Can Ch Snowmist's Escapade
SHAPALI'S KK LITTER - Arrived 7 March 2008
                             Can Ch Likewindís Likity Split SD
                    Likewind's The Highlander
                              Can Ch Likewindís Misty Silver SD
          Can Ch Likewind's Zoot O'Shaunessy
                              Can Ch Westhillís Copper Topper SD
                    Likewind's Gentle Breeze
                              Likewindís Classy Sassy
Can Ch Snoknight's Drops O'Jupiter - OFA Good  CERF SH-7981  SHOR S-10717  
                              Can Ch Catstanís Get A Grip
                    BISS Can Ch Catstanís Livin On The Edge
                              Can Ch Catstanís Lookin For Trouble
          Khisanath's Khis O Tombstone (Can Pointed) - EYE EXAM 2001
                              BIS Can Ch Frostfyreís Shisaido Sorcerer CD
                    Can Ch Tombstoneís Jury Duty
                             Can Ch Tombstoneís Shadow Dancer

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