Light Red Female with Amber Eyes born 20 Dec 2001

9 Months!

Sire: Natl BISS Can Ukc BIS Ch Shapali's Invitation To Indaba - "INDABA"

Dam: Can Ch Des-Mar's Harvest Cache - "CACHE"

                                           Am Can Ch Aurlukís Nikita Sunrise - Ofa Excellent Cerf 3790 Shor No Chic 27983
                        BIS Am Ch MBIS BISS Can Int Ch Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm - Ofa Good Cerf No Shor 7835 Chic 34068
                                          Can Ch Octobersunís Stormwarning Echo - Ofa Good Cerf No Shor No Chic No
      Natl BISS Can Ukc MBIS Gr Ch Shapaliís Invitation To Indaba - Ofa Excellent Cerf 7470 Shor 8186 Chic 28974
                                          Am Can Ch Iceís Cardium Andalusite - Ofa Good Acvo 1994 Cerf No Shor No Chic No
                        Can Ch MBIS Ukc Ch Cardiumís Cinful Cinnibar - Ofa Good Cerf 7478 Shor 7627 Chic No
                                          Can Ch Blueridge Soma Cardium Kyanite - Ofa No Cerf No Shor No Chic No
Shapali Q Litter born 20 Dec 2001
                                          Am Can Int Ch  Des-Marís Moonraker - Ofa Good Shor 6018 Cerf No Chic No
                        Des-Marís Harvest Moon - Ofa Good Shor 6422 Cerf No Chic No
                                          Kossokís Just A Pretty Penny - Ofa No Cerf No Shor 5788 Chic No
      Can Ch Des-Marís Harvest Cache - Ofa Excellent Cerf 6141 Shor 8180 Chic 69071
                                          Am Ch Des-Marís Yakima - Ofa Good Cerf No Shor 5520 Chic 33861
                        Am Ch Des-Marís Anasazi - Ofa Excellent Shor 5976 Cerf No Chic 33906 
                                          Des-Marís Scrimshaw Huskyhill - Ofa Good Shor 5623 Cerf No Chic 33845

Breeder: Shapali Siberians - Canada

Owner: Startrek Siberians - Philippines

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