MBPIG Canadian Champion



OFA Hips Excellent - Elbows Normal - ACVO Clear

21 August 2002 -

Sire: Natl BISS Can Ukc MBIS Gr Ch Shapali's Invitation To Indaba - "INDABA"

Dam: Canadian Champion Des-Mar's Harvest Cache - "CACHE"

Ryak came to Shapali for a "visit" in December 2004 - See some candids below from his visit!

Candid Pictures below from early 2004 at home with buddy Shapali N Kopperheads Super Nova - Nova!

Breeder handled to Best Puppy In Group!

Shown with big sister Quiver and littermate Roma!

Professionally handled by Gaylene Robertson to New Champion!

Professionally handled by Danny Carlow to his first show points!

                                           Am Can Ch Aurlukís Nikita Sunrise - Ofa Excellent Cerf 3790 Shor No Chic 27983
                        BIS Am Ch MBIS BISS Can Int Ch Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm - Ofa Good Cerf No Shor 7835 Chic 34068
                                          Can Ch Octobersunís Stormwarning Echo - Ofa Good Cerf No Shor No Chic No
      Natl BISS Can Ukc MBIS Gr Ch Shapaliís Invitation To Indaba - Ofa Excellent Cerf 7470 Shor 8186 Chic 28974
                                          Am Can Ch Iceís Cardium Andalusite - Ofa Good Acvo 1994 Cerf No Shor No Chic No
                        Can Ch MBIS Ukc Ch Cardiumís Cinful Cinnibar - Ofa Good Cerf 7478 Shor 7627 Chic No
                                          Can Ch Blueridge Soma Cardium Kyanite - Ofa No Cerf No Shor No Chic No
Shapali R Litter born 21 Aug 2002
                                          Am Can Int Ch  Des-Marís Moonraker - Ofa Good Shor 6018 Cerf No Chic No
                        Des-Marís Harvest Moon - Ofa Good Shor 6422 Cerf No Chic No
                                          Kossokís Just A Pretty Penny - Ofa No Cerf No Shor 5788 Chic No
      Can Ch Des-Marís Harvest Cache - Ofa Excellent Cerf 6141 Shor 8180 Chic 69071
                                          Am Ch Des-Marís Yakima - Ofa Good Cerf No Shor 5520 Chic 33861
                        Am Ch Des-Marís Anasazi - Ofa Excellent Shor 5976 Cerf No Chic 33906 
                                          Des-Marís Scrimshaw Huskyhill - Ofa Good Shor 5623 Cerf No Chic 33845

Progeny Littermates Repeat Breeding

Breeder: Lisa A. Amos - Shapali Siberians

Owner: Lorie Tomashewski - Kopperhead Siberians - Manitoba, Canada

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