ACVO Clear 23 Apr 05 - CERF Pending - DOB 9 Aug 01

Candids at Shapali - April 2005!

Sire: Can Ch Tombstone's Red Dawn At Chakka - "Magic"

Dam: Benden's Mystic Ghost (Can Pointed)- "Tique"

                                        Can Ch Catstan' Runnin'With The Devil
                              Can Ch Catstanís Get A Grip
                                        Can Ch Topaz Fireworks At Catstan (Usa)
                    BISS Can Ch Catstanís Livin On The Edge
                                        Can Ch Kainai's Quinn The Eskimo
                              Can Ch Catstanís Lookin For Trouble
                                        Can Ch Catstan's Maggie May
          Can Ch Tombstone's Red Dawn At Chakka
                                        BIS BISS Can Ch Shisaido's Satinkist Swordsman CD
                              BIS Can Ch Frostfyreís Shisaido Sorcerer CD
                                        BIS Can Ch Shisaido's Race Of The Eagles
                    Can Ch Tombstoneís Jury Duty
                                         BIS BISS Can Ch Catstan's Chekhmat
                             Can Ch Tombstoneís Shadow Dancer
                                         Can Ch Frostfyre's Kara CD

Snoknight's Princesswatsername
                                         Nalartuk's Masked Bandit CD
                              Westhill's Bandits Buddy
                                         Westhill's Whispering Winds SD
                    Can Ch Black Bart Of Arcticsun 
                                         Aurluk's Ambervalley Autum
                              Ambervalley Black Magic
                                         Can Ch Masked Mystic Of Pameiyut
          Benden's Mystic Ghost (Can Pointed)
                                         Can Ch Catstan's Ziggy Stardust
                              Can Ch Snowmistís Settin The Pace
                                         Caijunvale's Snowmist Tilley
                    Cardium Skye Larke At Benden (Can Pointed)
                                         Lucas Mahon
                              Chanmarís Jenna
                                         Vishnu's Jazz'N It Up

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